Searching and Adding Clients

Duplicate client records can be avoided by making sure you always search for the client before attempting to add a new client record. The system is designed to force you to search before adding a new client. If you see that “Add New Client with This Information” is grayed out and you are unable to select it, make sure you searched for the client first.

If your client has a ServicePoint card with his picture and Client ID #, it’s best to enter the Client ID and click submit rather than search by the client’s name. This way you will be sure you have entered the correct client’s record.

If the client does not have a ServicePoint ID card, start by searching just the first and last name or Social Security Number of your client. Keep in mind, if you search by SSN only, you may not find your client if his SSN was not entered by the previous agency or entered incorrectly. Checking the “Exact Match” box will only find your client if his information was previously entered exactly the same way you entered it. This will not allow you to find misspelled records for your client so it’s best not to check the box. The system will generate results based on how the name sounds. Be sure to thoroughly check the search results and verify the date of birth and last 4 of the SSN to ensure you have the correct client record.

If there are no results after searching for the client, complete the rest of the required fields: Name Data Quality, Alias (if applicable), Social Security Number, Social Security Number Data Quality, U.S. Military Veteran, Date of Birth, Date of Birth Data Quality, Gender, Primary Race, Secondary Race, and Ethnicity. You can then click “Add New Client with This Information” to add a new client to the system.


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