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Service Destination Question

If the program providing a Service in TBIN does not use Entry/Exits you need to answer the following Destination question within the Service transactions window. Entry/Exit programs answer the Destination question whenever they fill out an Exit assessment. The Service Destination question is located after any service is added to a client's record for Services programs only. (Note: If your program uses Entry/Exits you will not see this question.

Answering this question will not only improve Data Quality scores for the applicable programs but is often required to meet data quality standards set by funders.  

When you add a Service to a client and enter the End Date you need to answer the Destination question (shown in Image 1 below), which may not be any different from the previous question of 'Residence Prior to Project Entry'.

The question will need to be answered for each service added.

 So to add a Destination for the Services question follow these steps:

  1. Add the Service as usual.
  2. Add the Service End Date that corresponds with when the Service ends.
  3. When the End Date is added, answer the question below asking for Client's Destination.

Image 1


The Destination question can be found below the Service Notes box and above the 'Service Costs' and 'Apply Funds for Service' sections.

If you add multiple services at one time using the 'Multiple Service' function the Destination question will appear in each Service section (see Image 2 below). It will need to be answered for each service.

Image 2


SkanPoint Service Destination

Adding the Destination answer when SkanPoint is utilized follows a slightly different process. The Destination question does not show up under the Provide Service tab. Instead, you have to select the Multiple Services tab. You can still select only one service in this tab if needed.

  1. Open SkanPoint and select the Multiple Services tab.
  2. Set the Services up you normally would.
  3. For the Destination question select the most appropriate answer for all of your clients as the answer will be applied to all records.
  4. Start Skan.

Image 3

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or other issues please feel free to contact the TBIN HelpDesk.


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