Client Served Report

Client Served Report

The Client Served Report is a canned report provided by Bowman Systems for TBIN users to measure the quantity of services provided by a single project or group of projects during a specified period of time. The Client Served Report has a few customization options available to users to select from and the result is a breakdown of the unduplicated client count across a range of different demographics.

Reporting Prompts

The reporting prompts can be seen in Image 1 below. An explanation for each prompt is provided below. Likewise, manipulating these prompts will result in different reporting outcomes. Therefore, running the report is as simple as selecting the correct prompts.

Image 1

  • Reporting Group - This selects which Reporting Group you want to report on. A reporting group must be set up beforehand and allows you to report on a custom set of providers.
  • Provider - This allows you to select a single provider to report on.
    • This Provider AND Its Subordinates - This sub-prompt allows you to include lower level providers in the report. For example, if you select a Level 1 provider, this prompt allows you to include all providers built under it (level 2, level 3, and so on).

Note: Only Reporting Group or Provider can be used at once. When one is selected the other is cleared out.

  • Services - Allows you to select what type of Services you wish to include in your report. By default, only the first option is checked. You can include any combination of services in the report.
  • Grouping - Allows you to determine how families are measured in the report.
    • As a Family - The first option only includes those family members who were added to the selected service in TBIN.
    • In a Household - This option allows you to include all members of each household into the report, even if they were not included in the service in TBIN.
    • Data Completeness Note: Comparing the report with both options checked may help identify clients who were not added to services when they should have been.
  • Funding Source (not required) - This only pulls services that were marked as using a fund within TBIN when the service was created.
    • If this option is left as -Select- it will pull all services including those with an attached fund.
  • Service Code (not required) - This allows you to only pull information for a specific service. The quick list is based upon your provider's Service Quick List. If the desired service is not available you can use the 'Lookup' option to the right to find the service.
    • Leaving this option blank includes all services.
  • Service Date Range - This is the range that you wish to include in the report. Selected start and end dates are included in the report.
  • Served Before Date Range (not required) - If selected it will show which services began during this prompt's selected date range rather than the 'Service Date Range' above.
  • Treat Open-Ended Services/Referrals as 1-day Services - If a client receives a service without an end date listed, if this is selected as 'Yes' it will consider the service ended on the start date. Otherwise, a service without an end date will continue to show in the reports until it is marked with an End Date.
  • Legal Adult Age - Set to 18 by default. 
  • Build Report - This runs the report based on the above prompts.
  • Print - Allows you to Print the report or export the file by Print to PDF.

Report Details

The report provides a detailed breakdown of the clients served based on the above prompts. Not only do the sections provide counts of client demographics like gender, age, and race/ethnicity, but within TBIN you can click on any of the highlighted blue numbers to see client names and client ID numbers. See Image 2 below.

Image 2


The demographic output displayed will change based on the prompts utilized so you may wish to try running the report with different selections depending on what your needs are as a provider.

Note: This report can be useful if your provider does not provide services for families or individuals as it will show which clients have received services as such for corrective purposes.

After the demographic breakdowns of the clients is a list of each Service provided and a count of how many times it was provided. This can be further broken out by Funding Sources if these are used by your provider in TBIN. See Image 3 below.

Image 3

If you have any more questions regarding the Client Served Report you can submit a Help Desk ticket with your question.

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