How to Submit Your Final Exam after TBIN Training?

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At the end of each Level 1 and 2 class, a final exam is assigned to ensure the user has acquired the skills needed as taught in the training. Each user has 5 business day to complete the test to be reviewed by the TBIN Trainer. 

After completing the exam in the TBIN training site (, click on "Submit a ticket to the Help Desk" in the "System News" tab of the Home Page. This link will take the user to the TBIN Help Desk, also known as ZenDesk. Each user should submit a new ticket and fill out the following fields:


  • Priority - Normal
  • Subject - Level 1B (or 2, if applicable) Exam
  • Request Type - Exam/Test
  • Workflow - No Workflow
  • Description - My final exam (include client's name and TBIN number)


Once received, the TBIN Trainer will review the exam. 

There are several potential outcomes from the TBIN Trainer after he/she grades the user's exam. 

  • If errors occur within the exam, the TBIN Trainer will provide the user details in the ZenDesk ticket of the items that need to be corrected. Once the user makes the corrections, he/she can simply reply to the original ticket stating the corrections have been made.
  • If a user needs help resolving data errors, he/she should request a one-on-one session with the TBIN Trainer. At the end of the session, a second exam will be given to the user by the TBIN Trainer in order to see if he/she understands the material. 
  •  When all errors are corrected within the exam, the TBIN Trainer will send a message back in the ZenDesk ticket with the user's training certificate and close the Zendesk ticket.
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