Entering a Service Transaction (video)


There are two ways to enter a service into a client record. If you want to work from the dashboard, begin by clicking on the Service Transaction header tab next to Client Information. The Dashboard will appear. Click the Add Service box. This will bring up the option to first include household members (if applicable). Then you will use the quick list or look up feature to allocate the Service Type. Enter any Service notes that are important to the transaction. If required click on Add Funding Source. From the sub-assessment choose the appropriate Source and put in the amount, save details. If you would like to add a projected follow and do so in the following box and then its mandatory to choose a status and outcome. Click Save and Exit to complete. The second way to enter a service into a client record is going straight though the Summary page to the Add Service Button under the Service Box. Once you click Add Service repeat the steps above to complete (the summary is a short cut to the service page). 

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