SkanPoint Overview

This page is for High-Volume Service Providers who serve more than 100 people a day and who are looking to use scan technology to rapidly collect count and client information. Examples of high volume providers include Soup Kitchens, Day Centers and One Stop Centers who provide hot meals, showers, clothing, mail services, etc. This page will also link to appropriate training for housing providers.  Start by clicking below under the provider type.
The SkanPoint module facilitates the creation of bar-coded client ID cards for any client receiving services from a ServicePoint provider. The ID card can then be scanned by other providers in the ServicePoint database to quickly and accurately document services rendered to the client. SkanPoint can also generate cards in bulk for clients who are grouped together in a client list or simply all the clients in the database. A couple of examples of use may be: 1) using SkanPoint to generate ID cards for bedlists in ShelterPoint, 2) using SkanPoint to create ID cards for lists of clients who receive a particular service, such as meals at a food bank, and 3) easily adding the services through an automated routine.
ScanPoint handout are available by attending a TBIN Level 3 - SkanPoint training.
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