Verified Income & Non-Cash Benefits

A new field has been added to the income and non-cash benefits sub-assessment. You can see we have a client file open and we are going to scroll down to the Income and Non-cash benefits areas. If I click Add to add income or a non-cash benefit below, you see a new field named Income Verified?. When you click the drop-down you see Yes and No options.

You want to be able to select Yes only if you have verified the income or non-cash benefits. Verifying income means you have reviewed an official pay stub or benefits statement with the correct dollar amounts on it or another piece of reliable evidence that proves the income to be true. If this is not the case, please answer no to the verified question.

Income and non-cash benefit updates should occur upon entry to or exit from a program or housing and then annually for each client. Only verified sources should be used for program eligibility and will be used for income reporting.

If you have any questions about this change to income and non-cash benefits, please contact the TBIN help desk at 727-210-4239.


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