Checking Clients & Household Members in the Bed

Start at the top of the Unit Data Entry worksheet. Enter any supplies and notes you provided/enter in for the client. Start following the TABS. Find Households and if applicable "Start New Household". Enter the Household Type, Head of Household as YES, and Relationship SELF. After doing so it will bring you to another Client Search and you will want to search for the first and last name of the first household member you want to associate. If existing choose by clicking the green + icon, if new, enter all demographics and click Add New Client with this Info. Then choose the relationship (ex: Son/Daughter). Repeat for all HH members. Go to the Household Members Tab, Check the Members and Assign them units into the bed list. Then go to ROI, click Add ROI if expired or none and YES for Release Granted, 3 years for the End Date and Signed Consent from Client as Documentation. Save and then Save and Exit. Leave the Entry information as default and then go through and complete the UDE's/Assessment attached to your ShelterPoint Worksheet. Click Save and double check your work, then Save and Exit to officially complete the check in. If you had household members you will then need to go back to their profiles by clicking on their name hyperlinks and completing all of their UDE's/Assessments and Save and Save and Exit. 

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