Bed Availability Popup Window

5.10 Bed Availability Popup Window Improvements

The Bed Availability popup window from referrals has been updated with new features. (See Figure 4)

  • Unit List Filter - this option defaults to Matching Providers ONLY which will limit your search to providers matching any previously entered referral parameters for the need, caller location, eligibility, etc. ALL Providers will display all unit lists.
  • Unit List Type - here you can select and single or multi-select filters to search. 
  • Show only lists with available capacity checkbox - this will filter results out to show providers that only have available beds.
  • Column sorting - you can sort any column alphabetically by clicking the column header. 
  • Green Select Icon -  when you click the Green Select Icon, the popup window will close and populate the referral data with the selected provider. 
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